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About Us

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MARINEX   design and manufacture   many aspects of the equipment provided  and  offer  equipment  either supply only, supply commission and  supply and  fix.



Marinex   are experienced  in all aspects of marine fire protection  including:



•    Combat Support  Craft

•    Fishing Vessels Coastal and  Deep Sea

•    Freight Vessels

•     High Speed Surface Craft such as Military Interception  and  Patrol Vessels

•     Passenger Ships

•    Small Yachts

•    Sailing Ship and  specialist craft such as Hovercraft  and  DUKW's


Fire Suppression  Equipment  & Systems


Marinex   will design and  quote for equipment  most suited to particular  needs and  budget.


Fire Alarm Equipment


Marinex   Fire Alarm Equipment  is (where necessary) fully certified by the relevant approval  authorities.  In the case of craft/vessels outside the specifications  or regulatory   authorities  Marinex supply suitable products manufactured    to the same exacting standards.


Fire Extinguishers


Marinex   Fire Extinguishers  all carry MED certification  in the sizes where such approval exists. Smaller fire extinguishers  from  the same manufacturers are produced  to tbe same standards  and  of the same materials.  ALL fire extinguishers  are Certified  to BS EN3.


Fire Hoses


Marinex   Fire Hoses are all certified as required  by the relevant authorities.


Bilge Alarms


Marinex   Bilge Alarms are designed and manufactured   to the same standards as fire alarm equipment.


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